Rick Falato's Yorkville Big Band Performances

Our next gigs....

 3rd Sundays from September to May

Timber Creek Inn & Suites

3300 Drew Ave, Sandwich, IL 60548  

6 to 9:00 pm


Admission $10 per person

Dance Lesson & Dance all included.




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YORKVILLE BIG BAND.....consists of 21 players including two excellent vocalists..... Carolyn Geraci and Dean Potter. 

Band Director Rick Falato taught instrumental music in the Illinois public school system for 38 years.  Rick's main school was Dempster Jr. High School in Mt. Prospect, IL.  He retired from School District 59 in 1993. Rick moved to Yorkville, IL. in 1993 and started the 21 piece Yorkville Big Band. We will soon be in our 21st season of big band dancing in the Yorkville area.   


Band Director & Founder (1993) Rick Falato   

Yorkville Big Band.....630-465-8543                                       

Our Next Gig.....

Sun, Sept. 6, 2015

Yorkville Hometown

Days  Yorkville, Il.

2 to 4:00pm

908 Game  Farm Rd.

Free under a tent concert


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Timber Creek Inn & Suites

Timber Creek Inn & Suites 

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