January 2018 Newsletter


Hello Listeners,

      We made it through another Christmas season and received lots of nice comments on our holiday programs.  Also thanks to the area and territory performers for sending us lots of new music.  We also enjoyed playing the familiar standards as well.  We usually get lots of Christmas cards but not as many this year.  Lots of people don’t send them out anymore, as it is expensive with all the other costs of the holidays.

        February, starts our 18th volunteer year of doing Midwest Ballroom.  We keep the show going because there is a large interest in hearing good music on the radio as well as fine dance music by local bands.  Our listeners also enjoy our programs of all vinyl too.  It takes a large record and CD library to do these kinds of shows.

        Our goal is to play the most commercial free music on the radio each week.  In order to do this, we always pass along this reminder to not send us CD’s with stick on labels. They will not play in slot CD players and just get stuck inside of them.  You would not want to put one into your car CD player either.  It is better to use a Sharpie and send a typed list of the songs, if the CD’s cannot be sent with manufactured type engraved labels.  We listen to everything at home first and look for good dance tunes and nice covers of standards.

      Our listeners might have noticed that the bulletin board is shorter. We just provide basic information about area gigs.  WDCB has a nice calendar page that lists area events.  Being a public station, we cannot sound like a commercial when it comes to listing events.  We have also learned that many of the venues do not support WDCB and constantly seek free plugs. They will just get a mention and if they want more they need to contact the station for paid under writing.  I’ve driven by many of these places and have noticed their full parking lots.  We cannot give everything away and want to play more music.  These places can afford to support the station that plays the musicians that perform there.  Midwest Ballroom brings them patrons.

      Rick Falato’s Yorkville Big Band still has dances on the Third Sunday of the month at the Yorkville American Legion. As of this writing, there are other dances around that we will mention on our bulletin board. We need the information two weeks in advance of the events.

       In 2018, the show plans to cover less live events.  The costs for quality cassette tapes, travel time, and all the work that goes into assembling material to make a show has gotten out of hand. It just makes more sense to play lots more music than talk about it.

       We hope to continue to entertain you for another year!

Thanks for listening,   Sincerely,
John "Radio" Russell 
Midwest Ballroom 
Saturdays 5-7 P.M. 
WDCB 90.9 FM and worldwide at wdcb.org.  
Older reruns of shows air on WTPB LP in Rockford-47 watts.
Our address is P.O. Box 1073  Dundee, IL 60118 or at mdiwestballroom@yahoo.com.

Our Next Gig........

Sun, Jan 21, 2018

has been cancelled due to hall being mistakenly booked

Our 25th Year of Big Band Dances in the Yorkville Area.


Yorkville Big Band Monthly 3rd Sunday dances from Sept. to May,

This is the 1st dance of our 25th years of big band dancing.


Yorkville American Legion, 9054 E. Veterans Pkwy (Rte. 34) Yorkville, Ill 60560

Dance Lesson with Patricia Ray, 6  to 7 pm. 21 piece Yorkville Big Band, 7 to 9:00pm. $10pp. Under 18, $5.

Watch Online at FVTV!

Cable TV Ch 17

Every Friday night 6:30pm


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