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Meanwhile the radio shows continue on.  Of note, the WDCB website has been made more user friendly.  It is much easier now to post events  on the  Ballroom and Nostalgia or Jazz Calendars.  I urge area performers to post their own events at wdcb.org.  It is  much easier to keep track of all the gigs than dealing with lots of emails, letters and phone messages.       The issue with the National Radio Hall of Fame continues.  I saw the list of this year's nominees and it did not  include Chicago and National Radio Pioneer Art Hellyer.  Art had number one radio shows in Chicago in the 50's  and 60's.  He did network announcing and newscasts...and was on the Satellite Music Network which is also national.  I am convinced that there is a campaign to keep him out and discredit him.  There is a great Wikipedia article about  his career.  It is very disappointing to see people get inducted year after year who do not have the credentials that Art  has.  It's also sad that people who could have helped Art Hellyer get in have not done anything for him.  Art  is 94.         An interesting email came in recently from friends of Jack Taylor.  Jack was the news anchor of WGN-TV for many  years and host of the Stock Market Observer.  Jack has been on the air for over70 years and does weekly commentaries  on our program. Jack's friends marveled that I have done the program for many years without pay (17 volunteer years on  WDCB, 11 on WTPB LP, and 56 years in the business as a total including the years that it was the way I made my living).  I have worked at 15 stations during this time as a paid employee and in more recent years have been a volunteer.          It is just the way that I live....Volunteering for a good cause like keeping decent music on the radio is something that I  sincerely believe in. This also includes promoting fine local talents and dance bands. Over the years, I have seen people making  money off what they do even if their product was not all that good.  Some people feel that their time is worth something. I have  always felt that if someone did not care for my program or an appearance that I made, it is better to do things for free than charge  unhappy people.  Therefore, everything that I do in the media is done without charge.  This way, I can walk away from a program, show or  a gig and feel that I did not short change anyone, made anyone feel that they did not get their money's worth but also did my very best. I have  often seen programs where someone had their hand out for financial enumeration and it wasn't all that good and people paid for it.  So I have a clear conscience about all of that and never charge for my volunteer work.  I am still waiting for a library or group to host  my John Russell Traveling Photo Art Show.  Again, no charge to see some of my best enlarged photographs of landscapes and humor.         The local bands are busy... The Yorkville Big Band continues their third Sunday dances at the Yorkville American Legion. There is  a published list of ballroom dances at the Corral in Western Springs.  All the gigs we know about are posed at wdcb.org under events. The month  starts out with the annual ARCI Radiofest.  Check them out on the Internet.   The parking lot flea market and some of the events are free. This  year's banquet features Sweet Paprika who sing our theme song.  It is August 4-6 at the Shriner's facility in Addison, Illinois and paid reservations  are required for the banquet.   50's and 60's singer Lola Dee will be on our program soon to talk about her long time music career.        The end of July shows featured two program of Musical Geography including songs about place names which netted some nice listener  comments.  We also attended the funeral visitation of local time Chicago area musician  Anthony Scarano. He was 95.  Thanks for listening.  Sincerely,  John Radio Russell  Midwest Ballroom  Saturdays  5-7 P.M. on WDCB 90.9 FM and worldwide at wdcb.org.  P.O. Box 1073 Dundee, IL 60118  and midwestballroom@yahoo.com  Older reruns of our programs air on WTPB LP in Rockford.         Click here to Reply or Forward 2.12 GB (14%) of 15 GB used Manage Terms - Privacy Last account activity: 19 minutes ago Details [John "Radio" Russell's profile photo] John "Radio" Russell johnrussell_radio16@yahoo.com Show details

Our Next Gig.....

Saturday, Aug 26, 2017

5 to 7:00pm Visit the Historial Farnsworth House and enjoy the 21 piece Yorkville Big Band performing an outdoor concert of the music of the era of the construction of the famous international glass house.

Farnsworth Glass House, Plano, Il. Go to their website for more information.



Thursday, Aug. 31, 2017

Beecher Park free concert for seniors. 


Monthly Big Band Dance

Sun, September 17, 2017


Yorkville Am. Legion
9054 E Veterans Pkwy
Yorkville, IL
Dance Lesson: 6-7pm
Big Band: 7-9pm


Watch Online at FVTV!

Cable TV Ch 17

Every Friday night 6:30pm




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