Farewell from our Founder, Rick Falato

December 26, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Rick asked me to inform you of the the latest happenings. The day after Christmas the clinic called to say Rick needed to be seen that day. At the Dr. appointment we learned he had experienced a near cardiac arrest. Next thing we knew Rick was having blood work for surgery the next day. He had his defibrillator upgraded and an additional wire has been added That was followed by an ablation involving a puncture wound and catheter in the groin. He looked very bad before the procedure but his color was better immediately following. He is on several restrictions for two months. At this time he is requesting no visitors. Hasn't been up to putting on his stage make up

Also, at this time he is announcing that he is stepping down from the band after the.... May 20, 2018 Yorkville Big Band Dance. He feels twenty five years is enough. He will be handing over the baton to Victor Anderson. I will be retiring with Rick but we hope to pop in or see you around. Have a wonderful 2018 and thank you be for all the beautiful music throughout the years. We are taking an intermission but hope you stay "In the Mood"

Carol Falato

Rick Falato has also been Chairman of the Yorkville American Legion Memorial Day Service for more than 20 years. He and Carol (Memorial Day Service Mrs. of Ceremony) will be stepping down, as Memorial Day Chairman & Mrs. of Ceremony, after the May 28, 2018 Yorkville Memorial Day Service.